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Daniel Benn is an award-winning Montreal-based photographer. He also serves as president of a high-tech company.

After years of designing and building software, Daniel felt the need to expand his creativity. He managed to leverage a life-long passion for travel, new encounters, people and storytelling into a new creative conduit, using a camera as his tool. Today his images can be found adorning the walls of many businesses and private homes.

For Daniel, our existing world can be far more fascinating than anything made up or imagined. "A good photograph captures experience, emotion and tells a story. A great photo is a painting – meant to be shared and hung on a wall with the power to make you stop and say “wow” each and every time you pass it."

To create that impact, he seeks out those real moments and scenes that create a personal emotional impact and use the camera to express the esssence of the person, place, or creature that he encounters.

Join him as he continues to paint the world, one pixel at a time.

Welcome to Pixels to Paint.

Personal Interests

Beyond a photographer, Daniel is also a "foodie" with a love of travel, fishing, physics, biology, genetics, evolution, cosmology, great literature, philosophy, and history. He might have the personality of an extrovert, but definitely the soul of a geek!


Winner, "People Category", Société de la Promotion de la Photographie du Québec (SPPQ), 2014
Winner, "Landscape Category", Salon de Photo, 2016

Featured In

Popular Photography Magazine, January 2015 Issue (2 photos)
Popular Photography Magazine, May 2015 Issue (1 photo)

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